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            Founded in 1906, United Oil Company is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, historically known as the heart of the steel and aluminum industries.  United Oil Company produces premier lubricants for manufacturers of steel, aluminum and specialty industrial products.  Our services contribute to all aspects of the manufacturing process for industrial, wire, flat rolled and specialty steel and aluminum products. Our products are used throughout the United States and internationally including service in Canada, Eastern Europe, India, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Columbia.


United Oil Company’s products are specially designed to assist our customers for increasing productivity, reducing costs, improving safety and being environmentally friendly.  These increases are attributed to our customers increased roll, tool and die lives, and the cleanliness of the finished product imparted by our products.


Serving the Specialty Industrial markets, Steel and Aluminum industries, United Oil Company’s products are especially formulated for cold and hot rolling, cleaning, wire drawing, specialty hydraulics, cutting oils and coolants, rust preventives, and other metals manufacturing maintenance and processing lubricants.


Being ideally located in Pittsburgh allows us the opportunity to be in close proximity of the major sources of raw materials critical to the manufacturing function of fulfilling the superior design standards we place on United Oil Company products.  In addition, our services include custom designed lubricants for special applications.



Quality, Consistency and Service:


            United Oil Company prides ourselves on our “Cost of Quality” since documentation began in 1992, is less than 3.5%.  The cost categories are:

·        0% - Failure Cost

·        50% - Appraisal Cost

·        50% - Prevention Cost

·        All deliveries have been 100% on time


In addition to our consistency and service, the body of applied lubrication technology we have acquired over nearly 100 years of service allows us to offer our customers optimal product knowledge.



For additional information on United Oil Company or our product please feel free to contact any of our qualified associates.  Our office hours are from 8-4 Monday through Friday EST.



United Oil Company

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Pittsburgh, PA. 15233  USA


Phone:  (412) 231-1270

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Supplying Quality Industrial Lubricants to the Metals Industry since 1906