Carbon & Specialty Steel Lubricants:


       Cold Rolling Mill Lubricants

- Sheet

- Tinplate

- Stainless

- Electrical

- Silicon


- Reversing

       Hot Rolling Mill

       Temper Mill

       Rust Preventative Coating Oils

       Vanishing Oils

       Pickle Lubricants



       Cutting & Punch Oils



Aluminum Lubricants:


       Rolling Mills

- Hot Mill Oils

- Cold Mill Oils

- Sheet

- Foil

       Specialty Hydraulic Oils - Non-Staining

       Gear Oils


       Bearing Oils

       Wire Drawing Lubricants



Specialty Lubricating Industry:


       Motor Oils:

       High Quality Traditional Petroleum

       Synthetics, Classes 3 & 4

       Extreme Temperature

       Hydraulic Oils:

       Premium Petroleum ISO Grade Hydraulic Oils

       Synthetic ISO Grade Hydraulic Oil

       Bio-Degradable Hydraulic Fluid

       Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid


       Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic Grinding Fluids

       Gear Lubricants

       Punch Oils

       Premium Petroleum Cutting Oils

       Hi Tensil Cutting Fluids

       Protective Oils:

       Ferrous and Non-Ferrous

       Long Term Protective Lubricants

       Harsh Environment Protective Lubricants

       Edge Sealers Protective Lubricant





       Surface and Substrate Analyses

       Chemical and Working Solution Analyses




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